About Us


For decades now, Our Father’s House has seen lives transformed as people encounter the presence of God in tangible ways and come to know Him as their Heavenly Father.

God has called us to be a place where people can experience healing from life’s hurts, mature in their giftings, and step forward as His representatives in every sphere He has called them.

Whether it is the community in our region of Southern Maryland or one of the nations in the far reaches of the earth, we are committed to living out and spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom until His return.


To see a hurting world healed, and people launched into their destiny.


Putting the Father on display in a culture that Experiences God, Connects with Others, and Impacts the World.


We believe that man was created for fellowship and communion with God. We believe God is still speaking and moving mightily in the world today. We are committed to building an atmosphere where people can grow in their relationship with God, encounter the person and presence of the Holy Spirit, and experience the gifts and fruit of the Spirit. Come and EXPERIENCE God with us.


We believe that the Church is an extended family, constructed of individuals born again of the Spirit of God, and that each one is divinely placed in relationship to the others. It is in these loving and trusting relationships that we grow and mature in our gifts. We are committed to the welfare of people from conception to the grave; strengthening children, parents, singles, those single again, the fatherless or motherless, and childless couples. Come and find your place to CONNECT with us.


We believe that Jesus has called us to join His mission of spreading the good news of the Gospel of the Kingdom. We see our families, neighborhoods, workplaces, communities, cities, and nations as fertile ground for the impact of the Church. We celebrate the worth and unique giftings of each individual believer and importance of their giving of themselves in service to Jesus. Come and discover the IMPACT Jesus wants to make with you.



-The Holy Spirit

We want to ensure that everything we do honors the Person and Presence of the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to be welcome among us

-Knowledge of Scripture

As the revealed and infallible word of God we want to know it intimately so it can permeate our lives


We believe God is still speaking through people to people today, and we honor and develop this gifting here

-Demonstrations of Spirit and Power

We believe the Lord confirms His word with healing and miracles, and we come with expectancy that He will


We love to exalt and honor the Lord through praise and worship, and we choose to pursue Him passionately in this way

-Intercessory Prayer

We believe that prayer is powerful and effective, and God wants us to engage Him there in dynamic ways


-Practical Needs of Families

We recognize the biblical model of marriage and support the needs of families at whatever state they are in 

-Multi-Generational Relationships

We believe in the strength of each generation relating to one another, and we seek to build authentic, loving relationships along these lines

-Our Parents

We are committed to partnering with parents and equipping them as they disciple their children in their relationship with the Lord

-Our Children

There is no “kid version” of the Holy Spirit, so we give our children a place to be affirmed and growing in their gifts now



We experience the reality that we can have different perspectives while maintaining unity of the Spirit 


We foster and preserve an atmosphere of honor, respect, and grace for every life we touch


The building of deep and meaningful relationships is vital to our life together and the conduct of our ministry activities


Our Father’s House is a place where it is safe to be “broken,” because we are committed to God’s healing, restoration, and transformation.


We are committed to walking with one another as we grow to become mature representatives of our Heavenly Father


-Our Region

We recognize God has great plans for Southern Maryland and we are committed to seeing our people and community thrive

-The Church

We have a desire to see the Lord’s Church in Southern Maryland grow in unity and strength


Our heart is to put the nature and character of the Father on display in every engagement we have with our community


Since 1958, we have valued five things: Jesus, Life in the Spirit, Family, Transformation, and Community. It all starts with following Jesus.

God talks to us and we can experience God in tangible ways. We have God-given gifts and we were made to worship Him. The next generation is our priority at OFH and families of all types are welcome.

You were meant for meaningful relationships. It’s ok to arrive at OFH “broken” - we pursue health and maturity together. We want to see our neighborhoods and communities thrive. Our work and jobs have meaning to God.


Our pastoral team is eager to meet you!
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"I always thought Church was a place where you hide your problems. Put on your best face and come to serve. OFH shattered that illusion and brought me to a place of being real and learning to deeply love God and others — and myself."
— R. Peet, OFH member since 2010