LIVE! GYST Workshop 2021

Anyone left behind after the death of a loved one faces great emotional stress. We tend to put off dealing with such issues for many reasons; nevertheless, family members are often overwhelmed by the compounded financial challenges and legal requirements.

Are you a parent or grandparent? If your children are adults, do they know what to do if you should meet with an unexpected passing? If they are under 18, have you planned for who would care for them in case you were gone? Are you over 18? Do you have cash assets?

Our Father’s House Church wants to help you love and protect those left behind due to an unexpected passing. To that end we prepared a one hour seminar covering legal, financial, home and property ownership, healthcare, and access to vital documentation. The seminar contains real life stories of real people who have experienced the challenges and shocks of being left behind.

We invite you to click on the link below to access the seminar and references and get your stuff together!

We have compiled a considerable number of resources to help you do just that from readiness checklists to long term care to organ donation.

Get Your Stuff Together

OFH wants to help you love and protect those left behind due to an unexpected passing. We will assist you in completing critical end-of-life planning documents like wills, living wills, and advance care directives, and having an emergency savings and the right insurance to be less vulnerable. Hoping for the best is not a plan – so let’s get your stuff together!

Need a will?

You can get one without spending a fortune! Disclaimer: This site contains some rough language.

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Legal Zoom

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End-of-Life Health Care

Planning it your way

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Long Term Care Insurance

Check out the pros and cons. Is it for you?

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Social Security

Spouses, children & survivors

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Dave Ramsey - the best Online Will programs

Looking to do it yourself?

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