Pastor Jay and Katie Patterson came to OFH as newlyweds from Northern California in early 2005. As a young couple finding roots in a new area, they quickly became deeply involved in the church as their hunger for the Lord increased. After growing in their ministerial graces, serving in various capacities and beginning to raise a family, they chose to answer the pastoral call at OFH in 2015. Pastor Jay will succeed Pastor Lanny as Lead Pastor at the end of his tenure in 2021.

At their core, Pastor Jay and Katie purpose to reach people with the Father’s love and help align them with His particular call on their lives. As such, they recognize that honoring the presence of the Holy Spirit in all that is done is of the utmost importance. They seek to nurture the present atmosphere of honor, respect and grace, allowing OFH to be a place where it is safe to be broken. They understand the practical needs of family life and have a heart for all of our members, including the youngest, to grow in the expression of their gifts. They are committed to opening new doors for our church to carry the Father’s love into the local community in Southern Maryland.

Pastor Jay and Katie are blessed to be raising three godly men of their own: Jack, Seth and Ben.