After forty plus years of local, trans-local, and international ministry, the Reverend Dr. Lanny Clark retired from lead pastor of Our Father’s House. The Navy brought Pastor Lanny and his wife Patti to St. Mary’s in 1977. The Lord Jesus kept him here as a primary influence in the development of what Our Father’s House has become.

In June of 2021, Pastor Lanny formally installed his spiritual son, Jay Patterson, as the lead pastor of OFH. Now Pastor Emeritus of OFH, Pastor Lanny continues to represent OFH internationally through the relational connections developed though years of personal ministry. OFH has invested people, finances, prayers, and other resources in training leaders, encouraging entrepreneurs, and strengthening the body of Christ in several nations.

Pastor Lanny continues to be available to mentor Pastor Jay and others in foreign missions through experiential training opportunities, as Pastor Jay deems appropriate. Additionally, as Pastor Emeritus he continues to be a point of appeal and counsel for Pastor Jay and his leadership team as well as the congregation.

Pastor Lanny and Patti reside in South Carolina from where they continue to be influencers in encouraging the body of Christ.