Upcoming Special Offerings

December 4 - 25, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm  |  Our Father's House Assembly of God

45020 Patuxent Beach Road, California, MD, USA

Each Sunday, the offering is designated to benefit varying needs: Kenya, Ukraine, Caribbean, HOPE, St. Mary’s Caring, The Mission, CareNet of Southern Maryland, Needs of the Saints, Teen Challenge, and those in our community in emergency situations.

Two Sundays a year, we endeavor to bless the staff who serve us in ways seen and in so many unseen. This is such a powerful tool for remembering their hard work and commitment while making a direct, positive impact on their personal lives. For 2022, these Sundays are December 4th and 11th.

Offerings on December 18th and December 25th will benefit community benevolence, meaning those who arrive at our doors in emergency situations. We love the opportunity to put the Father on display with such immediacy!